Sisters, welcome to this

very special virtual gathering!


The theme of this circle is something very special to me, as it touches

the hearts and wombs of so many of us, me included. MOTHERHOOD.


This is an invitation to explore the many different aspects of Motherhood, collectively transforming what is (still) concidered taboo and something we "should" not speak of or "should" not feel. In this gathering there will be plenty of time to feel, listen and share your story of Motherhood – each and every part of it is deeply welcome.


This includes:


~ Pre-conception preparations

~ Pregnancy loss

~ Pregnancy termination

~ Fertility issues/journeys

~ Pregnancy

~ Becoming a mother

~ Becoming a mother without a partner

~ The emotional, spiritual and physical journey of Motherhood

~ Post-partum and the early years

~ Redefining Motherhood – does having a baby/children define us as mothers?


We will meet on the 19th of December, already a very auspicious time as

we are so close to the Winter Solstice. This is a dive into the ultimate darkness,

right before the dawn, the new day, the new year. As women, we hold an

immense power to transform, transmute and alchemize the inner darkness

into nourishment to feed the fertile soil within us and around us. 


I welcome you, I welcome us. May we transform & nourish together.




Some of the ingredients of our evening will be:


~ Guided embodied movement journey through the cycles

~ Inner Alchemy + Raw Expression

~ Honoring the Death/Rebirth Cycle

~ Ancestral Gathering + Connection

~ Collective Healing Work

~ Sharing + Journaling




Please prepare a comfortable space for yourself where you can sit as well as have

space to move. Bring clothes you can comfortably move + sit in and a journal + pen.


You will receive more information on what to bring as well as

the link for the meeting as we come closer to the circle. 




Saturday, 19th of October

17.00-19.30 CET (Stockholm, Paris, Berlin)



250 SEK

For Monthly/Yearly Members:

220 SEK


Book your spot here:


Spots are very limited even though this is an online gathering. This will be
intimate where all participating sisters will have space to be seen and heard. 🌹


The spots are non-refundable, but you can give away
your spot to a sister if you are unable to come!




Your facilitatior:


Inna is one of the co-mamas of the Pranana – The Center of The Great Heart,

which is a supportive and safe space holding the vision of us diving deep and going far.

She has sat in many women's circles herself, as well facilitated Embodied Women's

Temple Groups & Retreats along side with Helen Light. She also teaches Authentic Flow & Embodied Yin™ in weekly classes as well as in yoga teacher trainings, and supports women in private sessions with mentoring, intuitive healing & guidance.

Find her on Instagram at @womanspath ❤️




Warmly welcome,

Pranama & Inna