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Upon huge request: Yoga for Cyclists

with Marie Romani




The static position and grit during long hours on the bike often creates tension around neck, shoulders, back and hips. The hip is constantly flexed in combination with muscular work in the legs often creates an imbalance between front and back of the thighs and gluteus which in turn causes tension.

This course is custom made for cyclists (but is also beneficial for non-cyclists or other athletes like runners or skiers!), using yogic techniques to get a better understanding and awareness of one’s own body, handle stiffness and pain by using breath, movement, stillness, relaxation techniques and poses that targets areas that carry tension.




Yoga provides a number of tools that
helps cyclists (and non-cyclists) to:

  • Get more awareness of joints, muscles,
    connective tissue, fascia, breath and bio-mechanics

  • Learn techniques that promote a better range of motion
    which aids a more comfortable and aerodynamic position

  • Get more knowledge and awareness of the breathing muscles
    and breathing techniques which aids a deeper and more fluid breathing

  • Yoke breath and movement to take control of the
    heart rate and access more power on the bike

  • Learn how to let go of deep tension in connective
    tissue and fascia to recover more quickly by moving
    and breathing consciously for after your ride

  • Practice moment to moment presence
    which creates mental strength and joy of movement



After this course you will have tools to use daily and

a program to continue your practice at home

The course will be held in English,

with Swedish translation available 



The course will be 10 classes, 

starting on 15th of January until 18th of March

Wednesdays, 19:15 – 20:45

Price: 1200 SEK

Minimum 10 people




Pranama & Marie

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