Snowflakes whirling featherlight

through the crispy cold December night

Counting days until Yule arrives

The season of light is here to shine

our darkness and loneliness blissfully bright

and we would really like

to celebrate with you tonight!


Let's gather for the winter solstice to share a jolly, yet peaceful evening of moving, chanting and singing together with the Spirit of Cacao. We will offer a loving, cozy and diverse blend of storytelling, mantras, medicine songs from different cultures and Christmas chants, and we invite you from heart to sing with us to invoke the force of love and abundance together as light is returning!


Sound is a manifestation of Shakti – the evermoving feminine force that dwells within all beings. Through chanting together we raise Shakti for both ourselves and the collective. This is why the practice of Bhakti Yoga is such a vital part of the yogic lifestyle, and we see no better occasion to dedicate to this practice than this day. Celebrating the memory of Saint Lucia, the entering of light in the midst of darkness, and the yielding to Yule time by sounding from our hearts.



We'll gather at 18.00 and spend around three hours together. Wear something white and bring a water bottle. Eat light before, but do eat to ground yourself for the Cacao. Some simple snacks will be offered during the evening.


Monday, 20th of December




350 SEK




* Please note that deposit and bookings are non-refundable

but you can always pass on your spot to another.



A very warm, heartfelt welcome!



Pranama, Matilda Meenakshi, Nathalie Maria & Martin Wallgren